The Preferential Tailgate - Moon Over Burma


acoustic leak detection

Ever heard of acoustic leak detection? No? Do you even know what it's about? No? Well, it's a non-invasive method for detecting hidden leaks in your plumbing. A leaking faucet or a dripping toilet is easy to detect because you can see and hear that they're leaking, but what about all those places you can't check? What if there's a leak that you're not aware of that just keeps on seeping water at your expense and that potentially causes extensive damage as well? That is exactly where acoustic leak detection can come to the rescue before the fact.


In only two weeks I go abroad on holiday! It will be so very nice to get away and just take it easy! I'll be away for two weeks and I have just booked a nice hotel the entire trip, this is not stingy! I can not wait until I can sunbathe by the pool then go in and rest a while in a comfy bed, maybe check out what's going on video on demand as many hotels have, and then you go out for dinner in the evening and eat something realy good and then back to the hotel ...